Dashing in my heels ~ and so it begins

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Like I’ve mentioned before, after years of saying “I could run faster in my stilettos than most girls can in sneakers,” it’s time I put my money where my mouth is. But I want to do it the right way…


Step one: Make the decision.

That was easy.One of the things making it so easy was the fact that my “debut” so to speak will have me wearing one of the things I love to wear most–stilettos (I know you can’t see it but right now I’m wearing a huge smile just thinking about this dash).

I’ve never been one for exercise, but I’ve never shied away from hard work, either. In my younger years, my family raised rabbits, had horses, etc. Today I’m all about running across the parking lot to grab someone before they make it to Dogfish Head. So although I’ve never exercised, I gotten my exercise.

I realize that going to the gym and preparing my body for competitive running will take dedication from me. Which leads to…

Step two: Lay the ground work to get started.

I’m starting to read running blogs to get an idea of what I’m getting myself into. I’ve talked to Rece Marie about helping get me ready to Dash. Rece was amazing and ready to start getting me ready to run as soon as I pick up the necessary items I need to start training.

To be sure, the hardest part is buying a pair of shoes! I KNOW, RIGHT! Who would’ve ever thought they’d hear me say I had difficulty purchasing a pair of shoes. Certainly no one that even remotely knows me would. Stay tuned for a full blog on this to come.

Step three: Set up first training session.

Timing is everything and both Rece and I were excited to get started. As fate would have it, our timing in January wasn’t working in my favor. Don’t get me wrong ,I had an amazing January. This was part of the problem. Since getting started I needed to be able to commit and it seemed I was out of town way more than normal. Rece is awesome and was so patient.

I made myself wait! Patience isn’t one of my strong suits—I’m more the insta-gratification type. I did go for a few brisk walks, but refused to “run” in my new shoes until I got some guidance on how to get started.

Yeah, yeah, yeah it should be easy: put the shoes on and run lady. Nope, remember we’re talking about a woman that doesn’t work out. Except for yoga classes. Really though I want to do this right. You know, not jump in with both feet and break an ankle or get myself discouraged by thinking I should already be running like a cheetah.

After messaging back and forth and confessing to Rece that I was feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas, I got my starting point and today (Friday, February 1st ), I went to the gym to hit the treadmill. As luck would have it we got snow this morning. I’ll be honest, I’ve never walked on a treadmill, let alone jog (which is where I’m starting). Not even as a kid. I’ve used an elliptical, but never with a purpose.

My plan was to go into the “movie room” at the gym. First reason, it is dark in there. Second reason, no one would see I had no clue how to program the treadmill to do what Rece had told me I needed to do. Third reason, I was pretty sure my first try at this was going to be too funny for anyone serious about working out to watch. Final reason, the movie (no matter what it was) would be a distraction. Once again, luck was not on my side—the movie room was full. I was like REALLY? Nobody wants anyone else to know they don’t know how to use the machines and that they run funny?

Oh well, I sucked it up. Went out to the main room and picked a machine dead center. Shoot if I have to be out here with nowhere to hide may as well hide in plain sight and pretend I’m invisible. It only took me two starts to get the machine doing what it was supposed to and then the rest was up to me.

Walk a couple minutes to warm up then jog for five minutes and do this five times. So I started at the lowest setting of the range I was given, that wasn’t so bad so next set I bumped up the rate a couple notches, okay made it through that. Next set up a couple more, wow REALLY? Fourth set a couple more notches and feeling kinda cocky so why not last set up a couple more. Well, I made it through about 3 minutes and then had to back down a couple notches to finish out and a couple more minutes to cool down.

I DID IT! I made it through my first official workout. So now IT’S ON!

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