Buying shoes!

By Rita, in Uncategorized


I should preface this by saying something controversial—I don’t like to go shopping!Nope not even a little bit, not for groceries, clothes,and nope, not really even for shoes.And I don’t like to pay full price for shoes. For goodness sake, you’re going to walk on them (well in this case run).

So, when I realized I needed to buy a pair of shoes to run in (or should I say train in since officially I’ll be running in heels, at first I thought piece of cake. But, that was until I walked into the first store.Now, Rece(my trainer) had told me to get a running or cross training shoe and to look for support. Okay, seemed easy enough to do. She had even told me that at the outlets I should even be able to find some cute ones on sale for around $30ish.“Okay then I’m in,” I thought.

I found that most of the stores I went to didn’t have anyone working there that knew any more than I did about what to look for. The first try at shopping, first store.

Sales clerk: Can I help you find something?
Me: Yes, I’m looking for a shoe for running or even cross training would work, preferably something on sale since this is my first pair.

Sales clerk: Oh, okay the sales stuff is back there. At which point she pointed towards the back of the store then turned and walked away. 

I bit my tongue and went to the back of the store. I looked at boxes with my size on them and grabbed a few boxes, but for the life of me could not find anywhere that indicated if they were for running, cross training, walking, aerobic, tennis, basketball… OH MY GOODNESS seriously?

I was getting a little intimidated by the fact that I couldn’t figure out what you were supposed to do once your foot went in this shoe! Oh, and even on sale, nothing under $80.Are you kidding? I didn’t even pay $80 for my thigh high leather boots!

I was back there looking at boxes for at least 20 minutes and not once did anyone that worked in the store even glance my way. So, more than a little discouraged, I put the boxes back and went to the car, gave myself a pep talk and decided I’d try again. Maybe the next store would have someone that would help me out a little.

So I suck it up and go to the next store. Where I was told by the clerk that you can run in anything. I smiled and said,“Yes I know, however, I’m told that maybe for training I should get a running or cross training shoe.” Then I get to hear all about all her sports injuries…Oh and here are some cute shoes! Thanks, but you know, I’m just not into those and out the door I all but ran. Back to the car with another damnit Rita you can do this!

Third store and I’m not entirely sure how I must have looked after two huge disappointments when it came to feeling like I was even going to get close to buying a pair of shoes. I know I was a little baffled and maybe even a little skittish so when a sales clerk came at me asking “Can I help you” and I said well that depends. He laughed and said on what.

“First, can you show me the difference between a running shoe and a cross training shoe? And have you had any sports injuries?” He said Yes and No. I thought great,you just may be able to help me then.

He went on to tell me all I had hoped to hear at the first store and none of what I heard and the second. He even went on to tell me about shoes they didn’t carry and which shoes where rated as good, better and best. I was starting to feel better; I was getting an education.

I asked him if any of those shoes were on sale and he told me about coupons and how I could get the best price, but even for the good shoe the best he’d probably be able to do would be around $50 each and that would be if I bought two pair. YIKES! What am I thinking…I decided to think about it overnight.

This time on my way to the car I’m feeling better even though I don’t have shoes. So, I thought, I’ll go to Marshall’s and get a new pair of yoga pants. Just thinking about that made me feel better. I find these great yoga pants and I’m feeling pretty good by now, even smiling again.

Hmmmm… I wonder, as I stroll over to the shoe department with my new found knowledge of good, better and best. YES! They had a couple different brands and in my size! I try them both on and they really do feel different.  I’m not talking about without a heel. I could actually tell they were feeling like what I was told to look for! YES! YES! YES! And they were only $35 SWEET and SOLD!